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Cas Cas



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Model:  RSCasCas


The Cas Cas is a small African percussion instrument, also known as a kashaka, kasso kasso or shake shake, that originates from Ghana in West Africa. The Cas Cas is made up of two round balls containing seeds or shells so that it can be used to shake. The Cas Cas balls can also be knocked together to produce a rhythm.

More Details about the Cas Cas or Kashaka

How to play the Cas Cas: Hold one Cas Cas ball in between your palm and index and middle fingers, with the string wrapped over your fingers, and the other Cas Cas ball between your palm and ring and little fingers. With a flick of the wrist, you should be able to swing the other Cas Cas ball over your fingers and round your thumb so it hits the kashaka ball you are still holding. The Cas Cas ball should bounce off and swing back round your hand, and with enough practice you can catch it again with your ring and little fingers.

Size: 22cm, 5cm

Product Materials: Wood, String, Paint

Age Group: 3 +

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