The Benefits of Buying Fair Trade

There are a number of benefits of Fair Trade; the main benefits are listed below:


1.      Safety and Fairer Trade

The safety of products is linked with the safety of workplace. All the products of fair-trade are manufactured under safe working conditions. The artisans also hold some voice in the operations at their workplace and their fair treatment is paramount

2.      Minimal Environmental Hazards

Fair Trade products ensure minimum levels of environmentally hazardous practices and maximum levels of such practices as are healthy and fruitful to sustain the environment. Most Fair Trade products source materials readily available, recycling resources into new crafts normally using skills passed down the generations

            3.      Better Quality

Fair Trade is a source of high quality products. By treating artisans with fair wages and working practices they can concentrate on producing beautiful Fair Trade gifts. The handmade crafts are the best reflection of art and beauty.

            4.      Workplace rules

Buy ensuring Fair Trade principles when buying items we can maintain a number of working standards that we would expect to see in our daily lives. These rights include fair treatment, reasonable working hours, a fair wage, non-discrimination, freedom of association and collective bargaining.

5.      Social benefits:

The great clandestine behind fair trade products is that of its involvement in social welfare projects that are normally associated with Fair Trade projects. These can vary on the ground but can include numerous social welfare projects like improvement in sanitation, renovation of schools and providing medical facilities. All these investments are made on local level improving the lives and raising living standards.

6.      Cultural diversity

Fair trade is also a means of development of association with other cultures. It is because the products are unique and exclusive in terms of their producers. The products themselves reflect the culture of their producers and hence the local manufacturing places.

7.      Economic benefits

The local economics enjoy the full-fledged benefit of Fair Trade. It enables the artisans and the farmers to monitor and track their own future. It empowers them to develop their own setups and run their own business. It works on the philosophy of “Be your own boss”. It elevates them from the lower levels of hierarchy and pledge to a brighter future.

8.      Real worth

Buying fair trade products is way to support the lives of thousands of people, a way to support the economy, a way to serve the environment and a way to work for the society. Try to serve the humanity; it will make a difference in your life.